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Ravenol Haldex Fluid 300 ml

Ravenol Haldex Fluid 300 ml

Ravenol Haldex Fluid 300 ml

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Product Information

RAVENOL AWD-H FLUID is a high-quality formula of high-performance oils with special additives and inhibitors.

RAVENOL AWD-H FLUID is a special high-performance transmission oil for Haldex's Allrad, Quattro and 4motion powertrains.

How the Hadlex coupling operates: The axle closest to the engine is constantly powered. All-wheel drive powertrains with a Haldex coupling automatically direct engine power to the other axle where required, without any intervention from the driver. Depending on the electronically-controlled blocking effect of the Haldex coupling, a variable proportion of the engine power is transferred to this axle as required.

RAVENOL AWD-H FLUID supports this power transfer process with its outstanding qualities.

Haldex couplings in AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, OPEL, LANDROVER and VOLVO vehicles.

Applications -
  • VW G 052 175 A2, G 055 175 A2, G 060 175 A2,
  • Volvo 31367940,
  • GM 93165387,
  • Opel 1940057,
  • Land Rover LR054941, LR003136


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