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Stage II, tuning up to 510Nm Stage II is an affordable but full program, with all modifications included to get maximum acceleration and engine power. Our D/S Drivability upgrade is not included. Then select our stage II+ package. Our unique Launch control mode is included, as well as the maximum rpm mod (for K04 upgrade’s etc). Unique Launch control: When you drive in D/S/M TSI’s engines have the typical “prrr” noise on upshifts. Caused by fuel cut-offs. This is a so called “torque reduction”. When the DSG performs a Launch control. No torque reduction is performed mean while the upshifts. The main goal from VW-Audi was to achieve a better 0-100km/h time, this gives a lot of slip, stress and heat to the clutch. Which will result in clutch-wear and more problems. TVS offers a unique Launch control function with torque reduction (fuel cut-off) activated. The sound is awesome! 0-200 time may vary depends per model and hp/nm.
Clutch Pressure increase: A DSG clutch is not ‘open’ or ‘closed’. The higher the torque, the higher the oil pressure which closes the clutch. A common heard thing(on the forums) is : “my tuner increased the clutch pressure but it had no result, so they said my clutch was faulty” Well that can never be correct,
because you cannot “increase clutch pressure”. The mechatronic calculates the needed clutch pressure by (measuring) the actual engine torque & clutchslip. This calculated oil pressure varies every tenth of a second. Very rough indication(can vary up to 2 bar): 400Nm = ca 10.5 bar 460Nm = ca 12.5 bar 500Nm = ca 14 bar(+other mods needed) 600Nm = ca 18.5 bar(+other mods needed) At this moment we see new trends on the forums. Caused by (respectable) companies who just ‘think’ they understand DSG and its functionality. They give non-sense info to their customers, who spread this non-sense info on the internet. Some facts: - clutch pressure is variable, not fixed. - clutch pressure is purely torque dependent, not hp. - the higher the target gear on upshift, the more oil pressure is needed. - 3rd -> 4th upshift at 7300rpm with 600hp -> not much oil pressure needed. - 5th -> 6th upshift at 4500rpm with 600Nm -> very much oil pressure needed. - above +/- 500Nm (on stock clutch) special modifications are required.
Listing of most altered functions:
 - Torque limiter raised
 - Clutch Pressure +/- 15 bar
- Torque capacity increased
- Less unwanted downshift on light acceleration
- Shifting Speed D+S+M upshift
- Shifting Speed D+S+M downshift
 - Engine breaking reduced(optional)
 - Torque reduction delay D+S+M
- Flippers/paddles reduced downshift time.
 - Overall reduced flipper time response.
- Faster take-off 0-5km/h in D/S/M/LC.
 - Improved clutch cooling
- Clutch temp. warning
- Max RPM D+S+M 4000-8400RPM
 - Full manual control
- No kickdown in M 
- No auto upshifts in M (optional)
 - Unique launch control modus w/ torque red. - LC maximum rpm
- LC rpm fully variable by throttle position
- Launch control response time - Optimal base file used
- MFA gear display indicator
Price quoted allows for 1 hours labour.
Please call Simon or James to discuss your requirements 


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TVS DQ250 Stage 2 DSG software Gen 1

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